Close Up of Corn Field


The Background

New on the market. We now import fruits and vegetables, selected according to very rigorous selection criteria from all across the world. This new division is the result of the merger between the expertise of the Group MGM at the international level, and the network of international entrepreneurs that he has built over the years. They are stored according to the best standards on the market and distributed with an efficient rapidity. Our know-how has helped us building an undeniable reputation with our customers. Our range of products is constantly increasing through our know-how. This is the reason why we are constantly reviewing our quality standards, and that we are always on the lookout for our customers' tastes, continually evolving! Nowadays, tropical fruits, Asian vegetables, and different varieties are the staple food of the majority of consumers. That is why Group MGM masters the supply chain to perfection, with its 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days per year importing methods. It is also why Group MGM is committed to offering fast delivery at competitive prices to all its customers, over and above the best quality of products offered on the market.