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INTERNATIONAL / SERVICE EN TOUT TEMPS  Toute entreprise doit développer des mécanismes adéquats pour garantir son intégrité commerciale et se conformer à la législation applicable à cet égard. Les entreprises canadiennes sont soumises à une série de lois provinciales, fédérales et internationales.  Ne pas agir peut avoir des conséquences à la fois sur les activités commerciales et sur la responsabilité des administrateurs et des dirigeants. Tout devient sujet à une potentielle réclamation qui peut ternir la réputation des entreprises et de leurs représentants.  Le Groupe MGM vous aidera en utilisant son réseau international avec une mécanique et une structure qui vous guideront dans la résolution des complexités associées en vous apportant, à vous et à votre entreprise, la meilleure solution possible et avantageuse.



Any company needs to develop adequate mechanisms to ensure its commercial integrity, and comply with applicable legislation in this regard. Canadian companies are subject to a series of provincial, federal, and international laws.

Failing to act can have consequences on both business activities, and the liability of directors and officers. Everything becomes subject to a potential complaint that may tarnish the reputation of companies and their representatives.

Group MGM will help you by using its international network with a mechanical and a structure that will guide you in the resolution of the related complexities by bringing you and your business, the best possible and beneficial solution.


  • Risk management and liability of directors

  • Audit and evaluation of your current corporate governance and ethics practices

  • Examination of your organization's conformity to laws, rules and applicable guidelines (review of your compliance programs, policy and control procedure, and identification of your risk areas)

  • Formulation and implementation of changes required in the light of the results in regards to prevention, for example, risk management measures, anti-corruption measures, Code of Ethics

  • Advice on due diligence of administrators and their potential liability in the event of default.

  • Training of administrators, managers, staff, suppliers, and various partners pertaining to compliance, ethics, and corruption. For example challenges of governmental relations in the light of rules of ethics and rules governing lobbying, roles, duties, obligations, and responsibilities of Directors, means of fighting corruption

  • Formulation of various notices and reports required under applicable rules

  • Due diligence on compliance, ethics and corruption issues in merger and acquisition processes

  • Process for reporting and information management

  • Development of measures to promote reporting and denunciation of derogatory acts

  • Development of an internal disciplinary process

  • Support in internal and external investigations, including regulatory investigations

  • Advice on issues related to labor laws in the context of reports and investigations

  • Preparation of testimony and declaration

  • Representation before decision-making bodies

  • Management of crises arising from problematic or litigious cases

  • Development of a management crisis and communication strategy plan

  • Development of a contingency plan in the situation of seizure and search

  • Strategic advice and support public inquiries processes: such as commissions of inquiry, coroners inquests, and investigations of regulatory authorities

  • Media and spokesperson training

  • Media monitoring

  • Coordination of the work done by public relations firms in order to weigh the legal impacts of proposed actions

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