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GroupMGM l Comunication sécurisé, Notre objectif est votre satisfaction à travers une sécurité absolue.


Our goal is your satisfaction through an absolute security.

Our mission is to protect your clients to ensure full security in all aspects of life.

The society in which we live is evolving many aspects of the work are becoming more complex. It is therefore essential to remain at the edge of new developments in the field of security. Security is no longer a luxury, so it's important to be able to rely on a team meeting the highest standards.


Is a long-standing and a trusted global leader in security technologies and services that specialize in communication security and other technologies related services as well as front-end and online ID authentication and screening technology solutions for commercial and government markets.

GroupMGM employees share the same vision, and an unstinting commitment, by ensuring professionalism and security beyond your expectations. Watching over your safety is somehow their second nature. Seeking to surpass themselves, each employee working for GroupMGM, received advanced training to respond to all the aspects of operating concepts and technologies that were adopted by regulators and became an industry standard. 

Development is a key aspect to keep your technologies always updated. 

Company’s experts are regularly invited to participate in international conferences and various governmental and private forums dealing with aviation security and ID authentication. Your close protection services falling you everywhere you go. It's perfectly your living conditions and the nature of the events in which you participate.

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